The AxiDraw Drawing Machine (Legacy version)

[This documentation is for the first-generation legacy-model AxiDraw, sold prior to February 2016, with white Delrin chassis. Please Click here for information about current AxiDraw models.]


Tools required

The following tools are included with the kit:

  • 2mm allen hex key
  • 3mm allen hex key
  • 7mm & 5.5mm combination spanner

Additionally, you will need the following cross-headed screwdrivers:

  • Pozidriv #1
  • Pozidriv #2
  • 2.4mm miniature (jewellery/electrical)

Pen slide - important note

Do NOT remove any of the six screws on the pen slide which hold the bearing plates (three top, three bottom). These are indicated in the photo below.

Kit parts

The bearing plates have been fixed during assembly of pen slide to ensure smooth movement and must NOT be adjusted.

Assembly videos

The following series of nine videos gives step-by-step details on how to assemble your AxiDraw machine. Please view them fullscreen in HD for best results!

Note: the machine shown in the videos has a clear acrylic base to let you see various parts from below. The base supplied with the kit is white acrylic and has a protective plastic film which should be removed before assembly. Additionally, some parts (the X support blocks and Y rail tie blocks) have extra holes which aren't used. Don't worry about this - it's easier to manufacture identical parts, even if means some unused holes.

Here are links to the individual videos:

  1. Mounting the EiBotBoard
  2. Left X support & motor
  3. Right X support & idler pulley
  4. X belt anchors
  5. Main carriage
  6. Cable wrap & wiring
  7. Mounting carriage
  8. Y slide mounting
  9. Final assembly

The EiBotBoard wiring diagram is available below (click to view larger). Both motors follow the same sequence of wiring colours.

EiBotBoard connections

Each plastic part in the kit has a reference number - if you ever need to order a replacement part, or simply need to identify one, click the thumbnail below for a list of the plastic parts. Note - this does not include the parts comprising the pen slide, since it is supplied already assembled.

Plastic parts

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